Application for Honorary Doctorate Degree

Honorary Doctorates Degree Requirements

No other degree is as widely recognized as the Honorary Doctorate Degree. Because of the honour and respect associated with this venerable title, long ago, in the U.S. it became the choice of many Divinity Schools, Seminaries, Universities, and religious groups when conferring honorary degrees.
The manner in which the Honorary Doctorate Degree is awarded at CHRIST LIFE BIBLE INSTITUTE is similar to that of its American counterpart thereby assigning this prestigious degree to its appropriate place among ecclesiastical doctorates.
At the same time, it honours the historical and ecclesiastical precedents that are accepted by the Church-at-large. This ecclesiastical degree is not intended to compete with a traditional academic or professional doctorate.

1. Must be at least 40 years old.
2. Send us copies of all of your degrees, credentials, licenses, or other documentation.
3. Write a one to two page statement listing your qualifications and why you believe you or the candidate should be awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree.
4. Produce substantial evidence that you are a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel, under a known ministry
5. Verify that you have had at least 10 or more years of ministerial experience.
6. Prepare or present a typed two-page summary or resume of your work for the Lord.
7. Prepare a 25 page Essay/Research Paper on a topic chosen by the Dean of Administration or an approved topic chosen by the degree candidate.


There is a $150.00 Administration Fee that must be submitted before the Honorary Degree process can begin. The Administration Fee is due at the time of submission. This fee will be returned, if the candidate is not approved.

The donation for the Honorary Doctorate Degree is $50 to help advance the work and ministry of CHRIST LIFE BIBLE INSTITUTE There are no payment plans available for this degree, the suggested donation amount along with the $150.00 administration fee must be paid in full before the degree can be conferred or received.

Modes of Payment

This is not an earned degree and we do not want it to be mistaken as one. If you would like to receive an earned doctorate you may enroll in our earned doctorate degree program.

Please specify which Honorary Degree you are applying for. The Doctorate degree certificate will be send to you in 7 days, on the Honorary Doctorate degree certificate we will indicate our affiliation and accreditation which will give the certificate global impact.

When submitting your honorary request you must comply with the Honorary Doctorate Procedures. (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!) Please do not contact us if you do not meet the qualifications or if you are not ready to make the required financial contribution to receive this degree.